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Hi! I'm April. I am 14 years old (wow amazing right) and am in love with Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Sherlock Marvel, etc. This blog is based mainly on those four, but, you'll find a bit of anything on this blog.


"More Than This"
by Patrick Ness

A Crapload of Anime
Doctor Who s8
Supernatural s1

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I would actually learn so much if all history text books were narrated by Percy Jackson

So, I have this cousin who has a really important job in a big company, and other day she had to do some jobs interviews. There was this girl with blue hair waiting to do the interview and when my cousin's boss saw her, he just -
Boss: so, hm...are you going to interview that girl?
Her: she? yes, why?
Boss: idk, I mean...do you think she would even know how to do the job?
Her: well, idk, isn't that why we do interviews?